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What is shapewear?

Shapewear is a form of underwear that tucks in the parts that you don't want sticking out. Many women have bumps and bits of their body that they are self-conscious about - shapewear is the solution!

Shapewear has been around for a very long time in one form or another. Sometimes, it has been absolutely essential to the fashion trends of the time (think Victorian corsets), whereas in other times (such as today) it is more about giving women a feeling of security - both physically and emotionally. Shapewear is also worn to slip into a specific outfit such as a night gown or wedding dress.

Shapewear is also known by a variety of other names, such as "foundation garments", "control garments", "slimming shapewear", "body shaper underwear" and "slimwear". Examples of shapewear include: shapewear body briefs, shapewear control slips, shapewear camisoles, shapewear briefs, shapewear hip slips, shapewear waist shapers, shapewear bodysuits and body slimmers, shapewear bras, shapewear control pantyhose, shapewear control panties, shapewear corsets, shapewear garter belts, shapewear capris (long legged) and shapewear girdles. Many of these garments are available (in a new and improved form!) on this website – click here to see our collection of Scala shapewear.

Over time, shapewear has evolved from unattractive, restrictive and impractical, into the modern, sensual and comfortable Scala slimming shapewear items seen on this website. Modern shapewear not only controls the parts you don't want, but helps to emphasise the ones you do! Recent advances in shapewear design by Scala include the development of our stretchy, seamless and light-weight fabrics; and the addition of features such as gussets, non-slip silicon in the waistbands, and Scala's unique "bottom pockets" that shape and lift the bottom without flattening.

Shapewear is growing in popularity every day, being routinely featured on fashion makeover television programmes, and many celebrities have admitted that they use shapewear for a little help themselves. The shapewear industry is becoming very competitive, and manufacturers need to have an edge to stay ahead. Scala is recognised as pioneer and world leader in the shapewear industry, providing shapewear that is at once sexy, tasteful and functional...because we all need a little help sometimes!

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What’s the best way to use BioPromise?

Data from the two published studies evaluating BioPromise indicate that best results are seen when worn for a minimum of six hours daily, for at least 30 days, and that continuous improvements can be seen for at least 120 days.


Can I wear BioPromise while sleeping?

While BioPromise can still be effective if worn when sleeping, we recommend you wear it during the day.


Will washing affect the properties of BioPromise?

Not if you follow the Care instructions.


What do the sizes correspond to?

Small (Australian size 8-10), medium (12-14), large (14-16) and extra large (18-20). Please see the sizing chart on the individual products pages for more guidance.


Can I wear BioPromise while exercising?

Absolutely! In fact, there is also some evidence that wearing garments such as BioPromise and BioFIR Fitness when exercising actually reduces fatigue and improves performance and recovery.


What should I do if I miss a day wearing BioPromise?

If you happen to miss a day of wearing BioPromise, just continue the routine on the next day as usual. There’s no need to wear it for longer the next day to make up for the lost day.


How many BioPromise garments should I have?

As the garments need to be washed every day by hand, we’d suggest that it would be more convenient if you have at least two garments so that you can wear one while the other is being washed.


How do I wash and care for my BioPromise garment?

Please see the care instructions here


Can I wear my underwear underneath the garment?

Wearing underwear does not interfere with the properties of the garment.


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